Who We Are

The South Boston Hope & Recovery Coalition was formed in 2002 to help address the alarming and constant growth of substance abuse and addiction in the South Boston Community. At the Coalition’s inception, concerned residents and service providers met with the goal of identifying promising methods of engaging the community to identify and intervene in those accepted norms which contribute to the problem of substance abuse and to advocate for treatment services.

What started as a committee of interested non profits has expanded into a coalition that is representative of the entire community. Over the last several years, the coalition has been joined by Boston Police District C6 and the Probation Department, housed in the South Boston District Court.  With the development of the overdose prevention initiative, parents, religious members and other invested community members have become regular participants. The hiring of a full time coordinator in April 2009 has expanded the Coalition’s outreach and helped bring in new members such as the Andrew Square Civic Association. Our efforts to expand have also included utilizing online social networking to reach a larger community audience.  And the Coalition recently partnered with the Youth Ambassadors from the South Boston Community Health Center to enhance both outreach to the neighborhood’s three public housing developments and increase youth participation in our work. The South Boston Hope & Recovery Coalition is supported by partners around South Boston and the city.