HOPE & RECOVERY 3rd Annual Overdose Vigil & Remeberance Walk

South Boston Hope & Recovery’s 3rd Annual Overdose Vigil & Remberabce Walk will be held September 12th. The 3rd annual Overdose Vigil and Remeberance Walk will start at mother’s nest on Carson Beach and finish at the Band stand at Farragut park. We will start at 5:30pm with infomational boths and awareness packets being handed out at mother’s nest, then we will precede to the bandstand at Farrugut park for the ceremony. If you have a family member or loved one you would like to include for the reading of names and memorial photo slide show Please contact Keith at (617) 534-9500 or go to our facebook home page. (South Boston Hope & Recovery) All Names and photos must be in by Sept. 9th. I look forward to seeing everyone one this year for a time of rememberance and healing.